Latitude Dynamix

“Latitude Dynamix as the project developer for INUNITY undertakes the role to design, construct and manage installations for all IOT and Big Data infrastructure and its related elements.

Due to INUNITYs proven products, methods and potential for making a difference within the IOT and Big Data industry globally, Latitude Dynamix provides a line of credit and industry investors allowing INUNITY to enable the projects to deliver infrastructure on a global scale.”


INUNITY is now partner of Genisis

After much hard work from both Latitude Dynamix and INUNITY. Latitude Dynamix is proud to announce a new Partner to Genisis. INUNITY has proudly adopted Genisis as their core aggregation platform to deliver their product to a much needed global market. Focused on the delivery of sustainable recourses, INUNITY will be investing their IP and knowledge into the industry of Big Data and the IOT market. Unlike many companies that are still researching this market for a secure model. INUNITY has already proven their model on a commercial structure and proven the quality and performance of their products

We would be proud being a partner supporting big data and the IOT with safe and reliable 100% green and clean energy as well as cooling systems (also off-grid) while also focused on regional sustainable communities as base for a global development to a sustainable and wealthy society.

Latitude Dynamix and INUNITY work together to achieve globally a green data infrastructure.


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