INUNITY is a Think Tank for sustainable eco-logical and eco-nomical strategies and technologies.

We believe that the combination of complementing technologies allows us, to build a superior ecological foundation for our future society. Like nature we think in cycles. We consider waste and by-products a resource that can be transformed to power an eco-friendly infrastructure.


Our advanced systems work self-sufficient and can be applied in any location for a decentralized approach. They provide low maintenance and long life cycles to minimize operational costs and make sustainable benefits for the people and the environment possible.


Latitude Dynamix

“Latitude Dynamix as the project developer for INUNITY undertakes the role to design, construct and manage installations for all IOT and Big Data infrastructure and its related elements.

Due to INUNITYs proven products, methods and potential for making a difference within the IOT and Big Data industry globally, Latitude Dynamix provides a line of credit and industry investors allowing INUNITY to enable the projects to deliver infrastructure on a global scale.”

Technologies & Ideas

We provide ideas and sustainable solutions in and around the fields of energy and data. Together with our partners we can access an array of technologies from energy generation, storage and conversion to the hosting and distribution of big data and the internet of things. With the combination of these systems we create a self-sufficient, sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure for evolving communities.

INUNITY Container

IZeCu — INUNITY Zero energy Cooling unit

The IZeCu (“I seek you”) converts heat from warm water or air into electricity. The possible sources are manifold: exhaust heat from data storage units, solar thermal heat, temperature gradients in ocean water, geothermal energy or any other waste heat can be utilized. The optimum efficiency is reached for air/water with temperatures between 70°C and 90°C.

The plant produces absolutely no emissions, is CO2 neutral and environmental friendly. It is constructed for a long lifetime and low maintenance, so that within 40,000 operating hours oil changes or inspections aren’t required. The Efficiency was significantly increased compared to currently known OCR plants.

  • No primary sources
  • CO2 neutral
  • Emission Free
  • On/Off grid
  • Continuous renewable power
  • Backup power
  • 10/30/100 kW output
  • Scalable
  • 10°C – 120°C input range
  • No/Low operational costs
Genisis Container

Genisis Hybrid Power

As an official partner of INUNITY Genisis offers unparalleled high speed data transfer and storage with the highest level of security for global enterprises. Genisis has proudly adopted and invested in green hybrid power solutions allowing remote industries to be independent of standard grid services and environments.

The combination with INUNITY technology allows to operate a green, self-sufficient, highly connected data infrastructure in any remote location, while delivering true hybrid end to end solutions.

IZeCu + Genisis + Connectivity + GenEx + Smart Server = IOT and Big Data for remote industry

  • Integrated Genisis Exchange high speed networking and data storage technology
  • Generate electricity from locally available sources
  • Integrates existing installations of energy production
  • Convert energy (thermal, electrical, kinetic, chemical)
  • Off-grid energy supply (up to 99,98% high availability, 100% renewable)
  • Blackout prevention (on-grid ups)
  • Brownout insurance (on-grid stabilizing)

Possible fields of application are refugee camps, municipal areas, SME, Telco towers, remote data center, etc.

IOT Waste to Energy

The waste of the internet of things is the exhaust heat from the data storage. With INUNITY's IOT Waste to Energy converter allows to cool down the data servers and to recycle the exhaust heat into energy, minimizing the ecological footprint of data centers and applications.

  • Off-grid energy producing cooling units
  • Cool down air or liquids
  • Aircondition
  • Climatisation
  • Scalable
  • Provide defined temperature ranges (e.g. greenhouse cooling in hot areas)

Total Waste To Energy System

INUNITY's “Mr. Fusion XL” produces energy from landfill waste, plastic waste, tires, rubber, rejects, refinery residues, marine and bilge oils, soot, etc. The extracted gas and oil is processed in our TSS-unit and can be used to produce electricity (6 kWh el/liter) or drive gasoline- and diesel-engines, particularly in CHPs. At the same time our TSS system will greatly reduce fine dust as well as exhaust emissions, while the residual heat will be used for electricity generation. After conversion the remaining residues are screened and foreign materials (metals, rough parts, etc.) are separated. The remaining carbon soot, loaded with heavy metals, can be re-circulated and made useful again in the industrial cycle.

  • INtwec (INUNITY total waste energy converter) — The stationary “Mr. Fusion” in XL, all kinds of waste are converted into energy and non-toxic residues, scalable from 1MT per day to any size, between 3000kW and 6000kW per MT.
  • (INtwu2gas) (IN-2-gas) Inunity total waste unit 2 cooking gas — Approx. 80% of all kinds of processed waste is converted into burnable gas
  • (INtwu2oil) (IN-2-oil) Inunity total waste unit 2 oil — A huge portion of all kinds of available waste is converted into processable oil.


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